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Is Digital Art actually art?

It has been claimed that digital art is not real art because it is computer generated and there are endless copies and therefore no ‘original’. However it is now broadly accepted as art since it involves creativity, and the awareness of art and design principles.

Digital Art is the next revolution in art

Before the photograph, the role of artists was to show the world. Art changed in the way it was utilised or the subjects it showed, but each time it was a ‘window into the real world’. When the camera was invented, artists realized that it was no longer important to depict the real world, and their role could be redefined. They started to show their imagination in different ways and to show something that is not real – something abstract. Abstract art can be thought of as a major step in the evolution of art and it began with the invention of new technology – the camera.

With the creation of the computer and its use in art, we are now examining the next major step in the evolution of art. With the use of the computer, artists can build something that was never possible. The way art is thought of itself is changing. There are many digital art exhibitions now.

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